Enjoying some time off her day job, actress Angelina Jolie took her three kids, Shiloh, Pax and Zahara, to a toy store in Berkeley, CA.

The foursome appeared in good spirits as they spent the afternoon picking up some toys, books and other top quality baby gear.

The Jolie-Pitt family is in the Bay Area where family patriarch Brad Pitt is shooting a movie. Four-year-old Shiloh showed off some local spirit by donning the hometown Oakland A’s hat.

Meanwhile, Angelina’s father Jon Voight tis headed to Texas to shoot a new fox series, Lone Star — and he’s got a novel of keeping in touch with his family.

“I’m gonna miss my connection to my grandkids,” the 71-year-old actor said at a Television Critics Association event for the show in Los Angeles on Monday. “But I’m trying to Skype and use everything I can do to say in touch.”

As for his thoughts on Angelina’s performance in her hit action flick Salt? “I thought Angelina was great…I mean, really unusual. And there’s nobody else who could have done what she did. I thought she was quite extraordinary in it.”

He added: “It was almost like Bruce Willis‘ movie, Die Hard, with a kind of intelligent, front-page, up-to-date international concern at the root of it, and very, very cleverly written. And then having this extraordinary performance of a girl in that part… I thought it was quite well done.”



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Shiloh is the cutest little lesbian. I am sorta glad about that.

  2. ^Wow. Did you not know any tomboys growing up? My best friend was just like Shiloh, but at a much older age (we’re talking 12). She practically dressed like one of the boys, and shared the same intense interests the boys in our grade had (sports, etc.). She eventually grew out of it. Kids can be funny that way. It’s silly to make assertions about their sexuality based on something like that, and especially at such a young age.

  3. Roti Toti Says:

    Chaz Jolie-Pitt. LOL

  4. Children at a young age have their parents for direction and guidelines that will later, help them to help themselves. Her mother, Marcheline, DIDN’T provide the direction and guidelines with Angelina. (remember amongst many poor parenting decisions, Marche allowed 14 yr old Angie and her boyfriend, Anton to have sex and live together in her home) Poor parenting hurt Angelina in the long run. She was a troubled dark teenager and young woman, without those safe stops that solid parents place at a very early age. I believe Shiloh will struggle even more so…

  5. Molly Woo Says:

    This isn’t some “just let her do what she wants, she’s just a child expressing herself aren’t we just the coolest parents” This is just plain, old, lazy assed parenting skills. It’s no big wonder on where Angelina learned this from is it?

  6. Tomboys at a young age usually still dress like a girl they just do lots of sports and play with boys.. i was one at a young age and have 5 brothers that i played football, basketball and all kinds of things with , but my parents never dressed me like a boy because i wasnt having that.. you can still be a girl and love to ruff house with the guys.. thats what a tomboy is .. not dressing like a boy .. wearing ties and all that ??? That is just ridiculous and you cant tell me that child wont have problems in life!!!

  7. evil bitch Says:

    i want to see one of those boys in a dress.

  8. I am a girl that grew up dressing and looking like a boy, dresses and ruffles made no sense to me at the time. I was “one of the boys” and I am happy the adults around me accepted that. Today I wear heels and dresses and I am still considered normal and without problems. Why do people even care about how children dress as long as they are dressed with care considering weather and so on. Adults shouldn’t bully children, and say they will have problems simply by their choice in clothes.

  9. Wow Vivian- you’ve really done your research! (sarcastic snort) Seriously, just let the kid be. We have no idea what goes on in that family and I’d say that seeing these kids pretty happy is all we need to know about their welfare.

  10. Wow Irina~ right back at you. I have gathered my own opinion the same way you have gathered yours…by observing. Shiloh, by Angelina’s own admittance, tells her parents and nannies what she will be doing, how her hair will be cut, what she will be eating and what she will be wearing. So when she is 14 and wants to have her boyfriend/girlfriend shack up with the family or some other ridiculous notion, then what? By then the poor girl with be positively allergic to the word “no’.

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