The endorphins were running high a Vanessa Hudgens made her way out and about in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 10).

Joined by her mom, the 21-year-old actress was typically camera-shy as she departed from a workout session at a local gym.

Vanessa is getting herself in tip top condition as she’ll soon begin promoting her upcoming action-thriller Sucker Punch.

Regarding the film joining in on the popular 3-D trend, Miss Hudgens is enthusiastic about the flick going that route. “It would be so badass,” she says. “It’s already really badass, but having it in 3-D … having my tomahawk fly towards your face, [it would be] just too cool, you know?”

As for her favourite part of filming? The nonstop gun-slinging!

“Shooting a .50-cal [machine gun], there’s nothing like it,” she says. Vanessa adds that she and her female castmates (including Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning) found a new sense of empowerment with their gun-wielding skills. “I think all of us girls loved it so much. We’re all strong individuals, and when you give us a gun … you kind of unleash something.”


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