It’s not all work and no play for Cameron Diaz.

Taking a break from making movies, the 37-year-old actress enjoyed some much-deserved R&R as she chilled poolside at Ysidro Ranch in San Diego, CA on Sunday (August 15).

Sporting a sexy black string bikini, Cameron kept her famous face protected from the sun as she spent the afternoon tanning between frolicks in the water.

For the most part, Cammy is taking the rest of the year off before she gets back on the promotional trail shilling her two upcoming movies: Bad Teacher and the highly-anticipated film adaption of The Green Hornet, co-starring Seth Rogen.


  1. She still has the best body in Hollywood!!!

  2. King Fish Says:

    Love her!!! Funny and real!!

  3. I have seen her up close and she is not the prettiest girl out there!

  4. Delicious Says:

    I would kill for an ass like that!!!!

  5. pinkydinkydoo Says:

    I’d kill myself if i had an ass like that. ugh, she looks like a damn boy!

  6. Cam has a really cute, pert butt. It’ll stay high like that for years to come. (I say this having a very Latin ass, ala Shakira… all shapes can be beautiful)

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