Ali Larter showed off her growing baby belly and fuller figure as she enjoyed lunch in Beverly Hills today (August 17).

Between her smile and sexy pregnancy wear, this former Heroes actress certainly has that pregnancy glow!

As you may recall, Ali and her husband, writer and actor Hayes MacArthur, decided to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Talking during a press conference at Comic Con recently, the 34-year-old expectant actress explained why.

“It was a very private time for me and my husband and something that I just wasn’t ready to share, so we actually left the country for a while,” she said. “This was something that I wasn’t ready to share yet. So we came back from Europe, and I said to my husband, ‘I just want to go to lunch with my girlfriends. I just want to live my life.’ I was four months pregnant and it was just time to start living my life.”

Ali married Hayes back in 2005 and later told Cosmopolitan magazine, “I told my boyfriend after three weeks that I wanted to marry him and that we could do it tomorrow ‘I look forward to that time when I’m home with babies.”


  1. Gross! But that huge belly and giant legs away, woman!!

  2. I know she is pregnant and all but I have really noticed how celebrities gain much more weight than the average civilian when pregnant. I think the reason is they starve themselves before being pregnant to look glamour-star thin. So when they get pregnant they just ‘let loose’ and actually eat everything they wanted to before but couldn’t. Ali will lose all of this weight, that is for sure, but she sure has put on a lot of weight on her arms and legs. It will be harder to lose once she has the baby.

    • I disagree, keller. Most celebs gain considerably less than the average woman, so that when we see one who looks average, it seems excessive.

      But what I really wanted to say is, what pregnant woman wears a belt?!?

  3. She is not pretty at all!

  4. She is usually pretty as hell. Not a flattering look, but she’s pregnant; at this stage, she just wants to be comfortable.

  5. hi,i love you….

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