Hayden Panettiere put on her best scared face as she filmed the forthcoming horror flick Scream 4 in Michigan yesterday (August 18).

Joined by co-star Emma Roberts, the blonde beauty didn’t looked too freaked out to be filming in a spooky forest location in the Detroit town of Ann Arbor.

Meanwhile, Hayden reportedly flew off the handle when she was refused entry into a club recently.

The former Heroes hottie — who will celebrate her 21st birthday this weekend — apparently got into a screaming match with a doorman outside trendy LA hotspot Villa after he told Hayden she couldn’t come in because she lacked legal ID.

“Are you kidding me?” Hayden is quoted as saying. “I come here all the time. Why is this an issue NOW? I turn 21 in a couple of weeks…so what the hell is your problem?”



  1. I was expecting to read that she used
    the “Don’t you know who I am???” line, so props to her for not doing that. I understand her frustration; the club was not consistently enforcing it’s policy. It’s hard when you travel a lot, and the places you go to have 18 as the minimum legal age (I’ve been to places where it was 16; or where it wasn’t enforced at all), and then you come back to the states and it’s a ridiculous 21. Seriously, you’re considered an adult at 18; but you’re not adult enough to drink? It’s hypocritical.

  2. evil bitch Says:

    Those be the rules, shorty.

  3. PopperTop Says:

    I think his “problem” was that she isn’t 21! Bravo to the doorman!

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