Beyonce and husband Jay-Z shared quality time with each other while continuing on with their romantic holiday in Portoferraio, Italy on Sunday (August 22).

After spending the day taking in the sights and scenery with friends and family, the happily married couple could later be seen enjoying a romantic dinner for two before taking to the water for a late night voyage.

While Jay kept things sensible in the footwear department by donning a pair of comfy hightops, lady love Beyonce was forced to navigate the city’s famous cobbled streets in a pair of sky-high camouflage-print boots.

Meanwhile, Jay has much to celebrate while on holiday. He was recently named the highest-earning hip hop star for the second year running.

Forbes reports that the music mogul now has a fortune totaling $63 million, acquired through music, business ventures and endorsements.



  1. Okay! Fuck. We get it, we get it! they have a perfect life, ok? Point made already. Nuff with the pics.

  2. here is a couple that inspires! it tells you you dnt have to act stupid just becoz you are a celebrite!happy holiday Jay and B

  3. Agreed with above poster, plus you dont have to fit into a society standard of beauty..its in the eye of the beholder.. not what you think… shes beautiful , hes not.. so what .. they love eack other and respect one another thats all that matters.. I love this couple .. you go Carters!!!!

  4. evil bitch Says:

    man, these two know how to live. i jelluz.

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