Madonna suffered a case of temporary camera-shyness as she walked to the set of her latest movie, W.E., shooting on location in London on Sunday (August 29).

The Material Girl has been accused of distorting history with the script of her movie, which centres around the abdication of Britain’s King Edward VIII after he refused to give up his lover, divorced American socilaite Wallis Simpson, in favour of the throne.

According to reports, insiders say Madonna’s depiction of the 1936 abdication crisis is overly sympathetic to Edward and Mrs Simpson.

The $25 film project, currently being shot in Britain and France and due for release next year, intersperses Edward’s affair with the American divorcee with a love story set in 1998.

In a further Royal controversy, Madge has reportedly included a “friendly” portrayal of Mohamed Al Fayed, who still insists Princess Diana and his son Dodi were murdered by the Royal establishment in 1997.

Says one source close to the project: “The portrayal is so far removed from reality they’re almost unrecognizable to anyone who knows the facts. The film may work as entertainment but it certainly doesn’t work as history.”


  1. I am still laughing….$25 film budget. Please insert the M afterward. But it is great comedy while it lasts. I’m sure this Madonna film project will come out looking like it DID cost $25.

  2. What a minute, you mean this is the very first time a film director or screenwriter has used artistic license? You don’t say! Give me a break.

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