Vanessa Hudgens sure knows how to stop traffic!

Looking upset and distracted, the High School Musical actress caused a fender bender while trying to leave a CVS pharmacy parking lot in Studio City, CA on Wednesday (September 1).

While backing out her black Audi of the parking lot, the girlfriend of actor Zac Efron smacked into an oncoming vehicle. Because of the mishap, her car only sustained minor scratches to the back bumper. The silver car she rammed into, however, was not as fortunate. It was left with a large dent in the driver’s side door.

Though she was at fault for the traffic accident, eyewitnesses claimed that Vanessa was hesitant to get out of her car. She, instead, rolled down her window to deal with the unidentified man whose car she rammed into.

The 21-year-old actress and the man have exchanged information and no police authorities were called to the scene of the accident.



  1. Loving_life Says:

    I’m not a fan of her’s but I could see how this could happen, the paps are following her as she’s reversing the other car may not have stopped, (not sure what the USA road rules are but in AUS if you are reversing and are already a bit out the other car has to wait for you to finish). Sitting in the car is something that I would have done too I mean look how many pics they took of her just sitting if she got out they would have ran over and haressed her more..

  2. At least no one got hurt and it seems everything is fine.

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