While it may have been Lady Gaga who swept the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (September 12) it was another larger-than-life diva who stole the spotlight.

Dressed in one of her signature barely-there costumes, Hollywood icon Cher was on hand to present Gaga with the best video of the year award.

Meanwhile, always one to stir up controversy, Gaga picked up the biggest prize of the night wearing an outfit sure to anger the PETA-crowd: a dress and chapeau that appeared to be made of cuts of meat.

A tearful Lady Gaga accepted the award, telling the audience she promised her fans if she won the best video category, she would announce the title of her new album. She made good on the promise, telling the world her new album will be called, Born This Away. She then went on to sing a few bars of the song.


  1. Datalounger Says:

    Cher = icon

    Lady Gaga = hack

  2. cher looked rather unimpressed with the tranny

  3. damn. how many times have we seen Cher in that same costume?? no 64 year old woman should be wearing a getup like that.

  4. @Irina, and no woman; no matter the age should wear what that Gaga freak wore…tasteless, tacky and DESPERATE for attention!

  5. why is she still trying to prove that she can SING? we all know she can.. she should tone it down a little.. its becoming obnoxious

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