The cast of The Town stepped out in full force on Tuesday (September 14) for the star-studded Boston premiere at Fenway Park.

Chris Cooper, Rebecca Hall, John Hamm, Jeremy Rennerk, Blake Lively and director Ben Affleck were all on hand as they graced the red carpet ahead of the debut of their Charlestown-based crime thriller.

While working the press line, Ben told reporters: “This moment right now, being here at Fenway Park, getting to the finish line and bringing this movie to Fenway where I used to sit under the Ford sign with my dad in the bleachers, has to be the highlight of my career.”

Snacking on free popcorn, peanuts and beer, some nearly 2000 locals filled the grandstand seats to watch the movie’s premiere on a giant screen set up along the base path.

“I want you to know that I love Boston,” Ben told moviegoers. “This movie is from somebody who cares about this place, grew up here and that means a lot.”

Also in attendance? Ben’s BFF Matt Damon — though he didn’t speak to the press.

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