Paris Jackson enjoyed a lovely ride home with the windows down and wind in her hair after a normal day at her new school in Los Angeles today (September 15).

The 12-year-old daughter of music legend Michael Jackson took the front set alongside her driver while her big brother Prince sat in the back.

The children are attending the exclusive and private Buckley School, where MJ himself attended along with other members of the Jackson clan. Their two bodyguards wait outside their classrooms and follow them around the campus.

Family attorney Brian Oxman said Prince and Paris have adapted so well that he predicted the bodyguards would be gone in a matter of weeks.

The school boasts an elite student population about 770 from kindergarten through high school. Famous graduates include Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Natalie Cole and Matthew Perry. The tuition for the Jackson kids is nearly $30 000.

The idea to put the kids in school with other children was Prince’s suggestion and was approved by family matriarch Katherine Jackson, the children’s legal guardian. The youngest Jackson sibling, 8-year-old Blanket, will continue to be homeschooled for now.


  1. wow, she’s so amazingly pretty

  2. Sorry… she is not pretty to me… average looking but i guess its the ears.. sorry!!!1

  3. YEAH finally new pictures! we want more pictures of michael´s childrens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS for these pictures! I hope we will get more!

  4. She is so beautiful!!

    And yes!! finally new pictures!! I want more too!!

    I LOVE THEM!!!

  5. Lol@ Alicia a. This girl is too young to already have haters, jeez!!!!! By the way, I think she’s gorgeous, its her eyes and her skin tone.

  6. Why are these children being followed and photographed? Their adoptive father, Michael, had no biological connection to these 3 kids. They should be left in peace and obscurity.

  7. vivian, i see you got your subtle dig in there. Irrespective of what we each believe about the kids biological make up, he was ‘Daddy’ to them, and that’s all the public needs to know and does know. As for being pap’d, unfortunately for them (at this time), such is life- in hollywood. As the kids – bio or otherwise -of madonna, Angelina, Tom cruise and alike can attest to.

  8. People like alicia a & Vivian are the type of people who are only there to hate on others. Ignore them.

    Hope the kids will be left alone as much as possible.

    And @julia “YEAH finally new pictures! we want more pictures of michael´s childrens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … I hope we will get more!”

    How old are you, seriously? Leave them alone and mind your own business.

  9. Vivian get a life.You just contradicted yourself you hypocrite fool. You fake hope for them to be left alone to have a normal life but you clicked on this site which supports the paps, and that drives them to take even more photos. Also how can they have a normal life when people like you always talking shit about their father and saying the man who raised them since birth isnt their father? Why do you care?huh? How doesnt him being their father or not affect your life? Why do you people always have to point out biological relation? Does that somehow make him less of a father in your eyes because you believe they arent his. The Double Standards when it comes to this Man. I bet you dont do that to Angelina, sandra, madonna and other celebs whose children arent blood related. SMH at you, get a life and stop obssessing over this man and his kids. FYI those are his kids in every way, and I do mean EVERY WAY. Just cause you dont beleive it doesnt mean it aint so. I know when they grow up theyre going to set you hateful ignorant people straight.

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