Michaele Salahi sure likes to keep us guessing.

The infamous White House party crasher-turned-star of the Real Housewives of D.C. says in a new book that she suffers from multiple sclerosis, a potentially debilitating disease that she says she has kept secret for years.

Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, Salahi said she has had the disease for 17 years. In fact, a bad spell the night of the White House dinner forced the couple to leave the event early.

In the tell-all book, Cirque Du Salahi, penned by Diane Dimond, Salahi says that the MS explains her bone-thin physique. She is described in the book as eating sugary cereal for Thanksgiving and not eating or drinking even water for long periods of a day.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, weight loss is not a typical symptom of MS.



  1. Samuel Bronkowitz Says:

    So are we supposed to feel sorry for her? MS does not make you thin. In fact I have noticed MS patients to often times go the other way because their energy and mobility are decreased and they tend to gain weight.
    This is nothing more than the boy who cried wolf. How can she believed? All one has to do is look at their dubious charity dealings. Salahi recently turned her dress over to an auction house for which 80% were to be donated to charity (20% in the Salahis’ pocket). Which charity? An MS charity? No, the proceeds are to go to Haiti. Their now defunct charity, Journey to the Cure, was described as benefiting multiple children charities. MS is an adult disease. The Journey for the Cure Foundation reported taking in $19,098.91 in donations in 2008, but disbursing just $690 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and $20 to the U.S. Navy Memorial Fund. If you had MS wouldn’t you be making all your charitable donations toward MS? If you are a well known as a philanthropist wouldn’t you be known as championing MS causes? If you had MS and became famous wouldn’t you use your celebrity to bring awareness? Why would you hide it for 17 years?
    I do not need to read Diane Diamonds book because I know there is no proof in there that they didn’t crash the White House. When Salahi grows up, stops lying, and acts responsible maybe she will be deserving of empathy
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  2. Any connection between MS and peroxide abuse?

  3. Michaele confuses MS with PMS.

  4. this bitch does not have MS! if she were suffering from this disease for 17 years now, she’d be, mobility wise, incapable of walking and/or wearing heels and parading around.

    bitch, we all saw the pics of you with Obama, Biden and the Indian Prime Minister. You did not look sick. You did not leave early. She’s laughing and smiling in all her pics. If you were ill, would you really care if you got your picture with all the key players at a dinner?

    i swear these fuckers think we’re all retarded and they are the smartest ones on the planet.


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