Heidi Klum continued to prove that she is a very hands-on mother to one of the most adorable families around!

The sexy supermodel was in good spirits as she spent time with all of her children including, Leni Klum, Johan Samuel, Henry Samuel and Lou Samuel, at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills today (September 19).

Meanwhile, though he was nowhere to be seen, Heidi’s hubby Seal says he sympathises with shamed golfer Tiger Woods over his cheating scandal — but is adamant he will never make the same mistake with his leading lady.

The Kiss From A Rose hitmaker wasn’t surprised when he read tabloid reports about Tiger’s infidelity and subsequent divorce earlier this year after allegedly bedding a string of women behind wife Elin Nordegren‘s back. But Seal insists he put his own bad boy behaviour behind him when he married Heidi in 2005 and he would never risk embarking on an affair himself.

He tells Britain’s Sunday Mirror, “It’s really unfortunate what happened to Tiger and Elin. But I’ll tell you how I feel about it. You’re Tiger Woods, right? You’re the first billionaire athlete, you very, very rarely, if at all, hear the word ‘no’. It doesn’t exist… I don’t condone it but I get why he did it… I do understand why people are tempted and I understand why people do it. Have I cheated before? Hell, yes! Not in my marriage, but in relationships before. And it’s not because I’m trying to be a good man or trying to resist temptation. I mean, I’m married to one of, if not the most wonderful woman in the world. She is everything – funny, attractive, hardworking, she has integrity, she loves me to bits. Honestly, if I was looking at myself and I cheated, then I’d just think, ‘Wow, how disappointing, I actually thought you were better than that.'”


  1. Yes seal, you would be stupid to cheat.

  2. oh please… yaeh right Seal and i got 1976 boat to sell you in good shape.. good for your relationship if you are happy .. im happy for you.. I came from a family of non-cheaters and my parents and grandparents have been and are still together and no scandal of cheating.. GOOD… my only thing is Heidi .. since you have mixed kids with thicker beautiful hair like mine… please learn how to comb their hair… that boy looks crazy with all his hair all over and in his face.. keeping it natural my behind… combing it is natural!!

  3. Some of these people are ridiculous .. first 99% of the people were agasinst this relationship and we all know why.. now that they see he is a good man and hubby .. better than most and better than theirs.. oh now they all love this marriage.. damn hypocrites!!

  4. I don’t recall anyone being against this marriage. They had support from the start. I like them together & they seem to be a good match. On a side note…I don’t think the kids’ hair is thicker or more beautiful than anybody else. It just looks more unruly. I like it natural.

  5. when they first got togetther i heard a lot of negativity.. i heard it and thats what im speaking on…secondly.. i have the same type hair and natural is how i wera mine.. natural ,, no chemical.. i like the thickness and the curl .. thats my choice and that what i speak on my chioce.. i wear mine natural everday.. but i still comb it and moisture it and it not all over my head like that! Of course its her choice and her kids.. but im just letting some of these women know natural doesnt mean dont comb the hair.. tney comb their hair in Africa!!

  6. Dont start… Im sure we all know by now my opinion is mine and yours is yours. I happen to like thicker hair better. i feel its more beautiful than any other type of hair.. my opinion and thats what i speak on! My comments are not the comment board and my views are my own.. with no chaser!!

  7. Cute kids! There is nothing more beautiful than family. I think Heidi is probably a good mom. A Super model mom!

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