AnnaLynne McCord loved the attention she received from the photographers during her Beverly Hills retail romp with her sister in Los Angeles today (September 24).

The 90210 actress loved the spotlight so much that at one point she could be seen jumping in front of her sister Angel to keep the attention all on her.

Meanwhile, AnnaLynne admits that her father once wanted her to enter a convent and become a nun so that she would keep her attention away from dating and stay away from boys.

“I wasn’t allowed to look at boys,” she tells OK!. “My dad wanted me to be a nun. He thought the whole thing where I didn’t get married sounded good.”

Miss McCord also confesses that her family’s strict rules prevented her from having a love life until she left home to model in Miami.

“The first time I made out was after I moved out of my house and I was living in Miami,” she says, adding: “There was no music. I was just like, ‘Hey, would you want to make out with me?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah’. I was like, ‘Cool’.”

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