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Posted in Amanda Seyfried on October 31, 2010 by fadedblog

Amanda Seyfried was among the attendees at Kate Hudson‘s annual Halloween Bash in Pacific Palisades, CA on Saturday (October 30).

Amid unseasonably chilly temps, the Mamma Mia star sensibly stayed warm and cozy inside a huge furry dog suit.

Meanwhile, it’s back to work Monday morning as Amanda continues to film her new action thriller I’m.Mortal alongside Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.

The movie centers on a world where people stop aging at 25 and then have to buy time to stay alive.

It’ll be out in theaters next year.



Posted in Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy on October 31, 2010 by fadedblog

Kate Hudson ventured out with her rocker boyfriend Matt Bellamy to enjoy lunch at Cafe Vida in the Pacific Palisades area of California on Saturday (October 30).

Kate wasn’t in the mode to be photographed, keeping her head low and back to the shutterbugs. The big screen beauty could be seen waiting inside the eatery while Matt grabbed the car for a quick escape while keeping the PDA to a minimum.

Meanwhile, it appears that Matt is getting along very well with his girlfriend’s parents. The Muse musician is understood to be giving Kurt Russell guitar lessons.

After meeting in July following three months of dating Kate, 32-year-old Matt is practically one of the family, and was even spotted joining the clan for a bike riding day on the Santa Monica seafront last month.


Posted in Jennifer Garner on October 31, 2010 by fadedblog

Violet Affleck doesn’t seem to be in the best of modes these days.

The young toddler didn’t look like she was too thrilled to be at soccer practice on Saturday (October 30) at a local Los Angeles park with her actress mom Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer could be seen holding her child like a little baby as her team practiced on the nearby field and tried her best to comfort Violet with a supportive talk. Not even her exposed butt crack could stop Jennifer from tending to her motherly duty.

Violet must be upset about something to not want to leave her mothers side, but what is bothering the little one?

Her father Ben Affleck has been out of town on the set of his latest film Oklahoma — could this be what’s troubling the youngster?

Of course, maybe Jen will have to learn to deal with the tantrum problems on her own as many sources say that her marriage to dad is on the rocks.

Perhaps that explains why grandma Affleck is in town — to do damage control and help out with Violet and Seraphina!


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Paris Hilton was spotted chatting on her cell phone as she arrived at a nail salon in Beverly Hills on Friday (October 29).

As she got her manicure on, the 29-year-old socialite could be seen mindlessly continuing her conversation.

Meanwhile, Paris will soon return to reality TV in an untitled reality show on Oxygen, which begins production in two weeks.

“It’s basically like nothing I’ve ever done,” she tells Us Weekly. “With The Simple Life and these BFF shows it was this character I was playing. I was kind of hiding behind the dumb blond facade. Now I feel like it’s the time to be my real self and show the real me, my real life, my friends, my family, and everything that goes on. It’s going to be very interesting and crazy.”


Posted in Jennifer Garner on October 29, 2010 by fadedblog

Tending to her motherly duties, Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up daughter Violet in Santa Monica, CA today (October 29).

Dad Ben Affleck is on the set of his newest film Oklahoma but it looks like Jen could use his help with Violet as she was clearly not happy about where mom decided to take as she made ugly faces and stomped her feet on the ground.

Of course, maybe Jen will have to learn to deal with these things on her own as many sources say that her marriage to dad is on the rocks.

“Jen is ready to give Ben a shape-up or ship-out ultimatum,” a source is quoted as saying. “She wants Ben to make her and the kids his main priority. She wants him to start by letting her and the girls join him when he travels. I think Jen believes that spending quality time together can save the day. Things are not looking good between them right now, and she must be growing extremely pessimistic about her marriage. They are barely together these days, and when they do meet up, it’s more about being parents. They used to be so happy, but unless something changes drastically, it seems inevitable that the couple will split.”


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Sarah Palin continues her big interview on Entertainment Tonight this evening with some more personal insights from the former governor of Alaska.

Here are some highlights from tonight’s chat:

On what she and husband Todd do for a date night: [In the] winter time we snow machine, [in the] summer time we’re usually out on the lake fishing,” says Palin. “Or sometimes I get him to come jogging with me or we’ll go out to the gun range and we’ll shoot targets. We’re outdoors, we’re having fun in Alaska.”

On whether Todd would be okay living in Washington, D.C. if Sarah does decide to run for president: “Yeah, Todd can handle anything.”

On whether they’ve had to overcome stumbling blocks in their marriage: “I remember when the kids were really little, when Track and Bristol, they’re seventeen months apart, they were tiny, Todd was working up on the slope … I remember (at) that point in our marriage thinking, ‘Is this the way it’s gonna be for the rest of our lives together?'”

How how it feels to be one of the most polarizing figures in America today: “That is a bit perplexing because I think, what is polarizing or extreme about believing, politically speaking, in the United States Constitution? And our Declaration of Independence, and all those things that it stands for? And what our founding mothers and fathers in this country meant for America to keep building upon? Those are the things that I believe in. What’s extreme about that? How is that polarizing? So I’m still perplexed by that, that characterization of the polarization.”


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Elin Nordgren and her children from her marriage with Tiger Woods were spotted walking to a Halloween Parade at their school in Orlando, FL this morning (October 29).

While her adorable daughter Sam was dressed as a princess, young Charlie channeled his inner superhero and dressed as Batman.

Meanwhile, it seems Elin wants to part with every thing linked to the golfer. The former Swedish model is ready to auction the jewellery, which Tiger bought her.

Elin hopes to make nearly $2 million from the sale by auctioneers Sotheby’s. The treasures are believed to include Erin’s $350 000 antique diamond engagement ring.