Victoria Beckham was her usual stoic self as she made her way to LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 3) to board a flight bound for London.

In light of recent scandal surrounding the Beckham clan, it’s a wonder whether Victoria is a bit nervous going out of town and leaving her husband alone in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, X Factor host Dermot O’Leary says Victoria gave him advice on how to beat insomnia. How? By handing him an Ambien sleeping pill on a flight to Los Angeles.

He tells the News of the World: “Victoria gave me these amazing sleeping pills. They are brilliant, I love them. They just wipe you out. The next morning, I mentioned something we had been talking about and she said, ‘Did I tell you that?'”

He added that the experience was the “best night of his life.”


  1. Obviously the suitcase is empty for the photo op. Everyone know this stick couldn’t/wouldn’t carry her own luggage.

  2. She’s really looking great!

  3. Isn’t that illegal?

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