Oprah shared a few little-known facts about herself during an interview today (October 5) conducted by Susan Casey, editor-in-chief of O, the Oprah Magazine, in front of the 2010 American Magazine Conference in Chicago.

The 56-year-old media mogul gave answers to some fun questions as well as what fans can expect during the finale of her show.

After revealing that she’s loves the iPad, Oprah’s revealed her favourite apps. First? 1. CNN. Then it’s the ABC News app. After that it’s Scrabble, which she likes to play while on treadmill. To feed her love of painting, she then said she loved the Brushes followed by the Sketchbook app.

Next, when asked what three books she would want with her on a desert isle, Oprah said she’d pass on the books, opting instead to have all the bound copies of O the Oprah Magazine to read.

What would Oprah have been if she wasn’t a talk show star and media mogul? A teacher — and she would have been named best teacher of the year.

As for whether she’s decided what she will do for her last Oprah Winfrey Show, the talk show host says she is still undecided whether it will be a big event (possibly outside) or something much smaller and quieter.


2 Responses to “OPRAH’S FAVE APPS AND MORE!”

  1. i wish oprah heip me one day!!

  2. help me oprah .pleaaaase!!!!

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