Ellen Pompeo was all smiles as she visited the etalk Studios at CTV Queen St. HQ Building in Toronto, Canada today (October 7).

Looking casual in cashmere, the 40-year-old actress was on hand for an interview promoting the new season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Ellen is in T.O. for a media tour to discuss the launch of the latest phase of the ‘Every Little Bottom’ initiative — what’s being billed as a first-of-its-kind national diaper drive. It will include a series of local drives, events, a donation from the brand and other activities to come up with as many as two million diapers for babies in need.

Ellen says she finds the numbers relating to moms struggling to provide diapers for their babies “staggering.” But she also views it as a problem that can definitely be fixed.

“I have passion for something when I think there are very, very attainable goals,” she says, “and this certainly is an attainable goal: to bring those numbers down.”

“For every Canadian citizen who have the means, and certainly, there are people out there who have the means with children, who can empathize with these families that are struggling,” she said. “Just buy one package of extra diapers, one extra package a month or a week — whatever you can afford when you’re buying your own diapers can make a huge impact.”

Ellen recalled one in particular — a mother whose child had leukemia, and had to take a leave of absence from work to care for her child, putting her in a situation where she was struggling to make ends meet.

“I think the stories would break your heart regardless, but being a new mother, hearing those stories just break your heart a little deeper.”

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