Rihanna was looking fabulous as she headed out of her hotel this morning (October 8) to take in the sights in Paris.

Dressed in a pair of fashionable shorts, a printed blouse and nude pumps, the sexy pop star managed to greet photogs with a wave and a smile before departing for an afternoon of sightseeing.

Meanwhile, Rihanna says she is “excited” to see Katy Perry‘s dress at her Indian wedding next month.

Behind the shoot for her So Kodak advert shoot, the Barbadian beauty told Entertainment Tonight: “I am going. It is in India, I am excited about that because I have never been there, I am just excited to see her get married – I am excited to see her dress as she won’t tell me what it is.”

The 22-year-old became friends with the Californian Gurl when they met at an awards show and found out they had a similar sense of humour.

The Rude Boy singer says: “From there, she just seemed to be a down-to-earth person…With Katy, she is just such a free spirit, she has no edit button at all.”

Rihanna adds that there are plans for her and the 25-year-old to work together in the future.

She says: “We want to get in the studio and make something for this album, or maybe for her re-release but we want to do something together for sure.”


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