Now that Fashion Week is over, so is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s stay in Paris.

Looking fashionably tragic as always, the designing duo were spotted arriving back in Los Angeles today (October 9) as the made their way through LAX Airport.

Meanwhle, despite their love of all things oversized, Mary-Kate and Ashley have revealed that their spring/summer 2011 collection continues to concentrate on sharp tailoring and and “refined luxury” inspired by London’s Savile Row.

MK tells Britain’s Elle magazine: “We wanted to concentrate on tailored pieces. The Row is named after Savile Row and refined minimal luxury is what this is all about. Like the trouser suit and doing the perfect blazer.”

The 24-year-old twins had to show their upcoming collection this week after they were forced to cancel their New York Fashion Week event in September due to the late delivery of a number of their fabric samples.

That said, the Olsen ladies are now happy with the 15 looks that make up the new line.

Ashley tells WWD: “We wanted to make sure the production was where we wanted it to be and that meant not being in New York.”



  1. just askin' Says:

    Oh yes, the famous Olsen Trolls and their “fashion”. I wonder what “sharp tailoring” means to them. They NEVER wear clothes that fit them. Just look at those photos. They look like 6-year-olds clad in the contents of Great Aunt Hattie’s dress-up box.

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