Hilary Duff was busy promoting her book Elixir at Books, Bytes & Beyond in Glen Rock, New Jersey on Tuesday (October 12).

While spending nearly two hours autographing her first literary work to awaiting fans, the singer/actress/author happily flashed her gorgeous diamond wedding from hubby Mike Comrie.

Following the event, Hilary tweeted: “Signing in New Jersey. Had paraffin wax for my hand after signing all those books! So nice. Problem is now I only have ONE hand that is super soft!”

Meanwhile, in a new interview with the AP, Hilary says she found the writing process to be a challenge that was at times more stressful than planning her recent wedding to her pro hockey player beau.

“It’s very similar — the deadline thing,” she says. “They were very good to me during the writing process and very lenient with dates and stuff until the very end. And then it got hectic and I was planning the wedding. And there’s deadlines with that, too. You know, like getting your location. And getting your dress at a certain time. And I tend to do everything at the last minute — but they do get done!”

She adds: “I couldn’t even choose which one was harder. But I guess I’d say the book. Even though getting married is a very important part of your life and it’s one day and you hope that day is perfect, it’s never going ot be perfect. But, you know, you hope the book can be!”


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