Oprah chats with the stars of controversial TLC show Sister Wives about their polygamous lifestyle on tomorrow’s installment of her show.

The talk show host asks family patriarch Kody Brown and his three wives whether they have considered the consequences of their lifestyle. If police in Utah pursue charges and the adults are thrown in jail, they will not be with their 16 children.

Says Christine: “I don’t even want to think about that at all — we never asked for the state to give us any sort of acknowledge or anything for our family. We just wanted to show our family.”

Adds Meri: “We wanted to be free to be this family.”

Robyn concludes with: “It was a choice for all of us.”

As for why they decided to do the show in the first place? Says Kody, “We figured that just by showing our lives, we’d actually help the society be more transparent, have other people in the — in the lifestyle feel safer about being transparent. …”



  1. I was raised in a one man/one woman liefstyle so that is NORMAL to me, these people were raised in polygamy so so THAT is NORMAL to them..so who is anyone to judge…it seems odd to me, but having one sposue probably seems odd to them..whatever floats their boat…but did they HAVE to do a show about it??? And to take it further on Oprah…they are just asking for criticism…they need to crawl back to their anonymous rock! PLEASE!

  2. Pure desperate trash.

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