Mischa Barton crawled out of bed this morning to attend the Pup-Peroni Couch Talk at Balboa Sports Center in Encino, CA today (October 14).

Joined by her dogs Ziggy and Charlie, the sometimes actress was in good spirits as she spent the day promoting the dog treat company in return for an appearance fee.

Meanwhile, despite the gazed over smile, Mischa is opening up about her battle with the blues.

“I suffer from depression and that’s the truth. I’ve never told anybody that,” she confesses to OK! mag.

Reflecting on her struggles in 2009, the former O.C. star says: “That was a tumultuous year. It was one thing after another and it led to a pretty reasonable breakdown.”

Miss Barton admits she can be a little outlandish at times, but rejects any suggestion she was “mentally unstable.”

“I am pretty crazy and weird sometimes, but not mentally unstable,” she says.

Looking on the bright side and exploring her creative passions help the 24-year-old cope with her condition, she says.

“I balance [depression] with positive things in my life and that’s why I have my outlets of music and literature … As much as I get down, I’m an upbeat person. People always think of me as kind of a light in a room – I love to make people laugh.”


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