Whitney Port may design clothes but she’s got the body of a model!

Showing off her fit physique in an unsightly ruffled bikini, the fashion designer was all smiles as she hung out by Private Sunset Beach during the opening weekend of The Waikiki EDITION in Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday (October 15).

Whitney famously once said that she has “never eaten pasta” and it shows — there isn’t an to pinch on the reality TV starlet’s 5’10’ frame which weighs in at a reported 115lbs.

And before critics start hurling out accusations of poor eating habits or even worse, Whitney insists that she is happy with her current weight and doesn’t think she is too thin. Going on to say that if she ever did get too thin she would be sure to hear about it — from her family.

“I’m totally normal, I’m fine,” she says. “Sometimes I see [comments about my weight], but to be perfectly honest with you, it doesn’t really effect me all too much. I know I am OK, and I know if there was ever a problem, my family would be the first ones to come in, come up to me and would totally help me. So it doesn’t really affect me.”



  1. Eh, what does a measure that is recognized around the world like BMI tell you anyway? I mean, so it says that you’re BMI is 16.5 while being under 18.5 is underweight. Surely, you’re healthy there Whitney. You certainly don’t look like a carcass.

  2. She looks terrible. Eat a burger, lift some weights and get some muscle tone!

  3. She’s got a quite an odd-looking body. Doesn’t strike me as very attractive. As the poster before me, some muscle tone would really help.

  4. 5″10″ and 115 lbs is not healthy. She should weigh 145 minimum. Anything less than that is too low according to doctors. I should know – I’m 5″10″ and that’s what I have been told for years.

    • Or she’s lying and she weighs more because she looks to be around 125-135

      • She probably does weigh what she says but has no muscle tone and an odd frame. Promoting this in the media (her saying she’s fine when her BMI says VERY differently) is very socially irresponsible and it makes me sad for women and for her.

  5. THE DEVIL Says:

    such an empty bimbo!


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