Adrian Grenier loves the ladies and the ladies love him!

The Entourage star channeled his on-screen persona as he shared a super sexy slow dance during Tao’s 10-year anniversary bash in New York City on Saturday (October 16).

The blonde bombshell wasn’t the only lady at the club who Adrian managed to entice. Sources say a brunette who was following the actor’s every move was kicked out of the club.

Adrian is in the Big Apple after attending the 10th annual New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth where his grandmother and aunt accompanied him to The Music Hall screening of his new documentary, Teenage Paparazzo.

The film documents a 14-year-old photographer as he follows celebrities in Hollywood.

At the end of the screening, Adrian asked people in the audience to become a part of a project, prompting them to take a camera phone photo of what’s in front of them, then turn the camera on themselves and send the photos to him.

“I want to create a virtual snapshot of this moment,” he said. “We are all important in the whole picture. I want to create a picture where each of your pictures is a pixel in the whole. Step back and see we’re all important in the whole.”

He added: “You put a camera out into the world and ask a question. The answer is in every frame, in every pixel, in every shot.”


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