Kim Kardashian was seen arriving at Serafina restaurant on the Upper East Side in New York City today (October 18).

Kim, who was dressed up in a skin-tight black dress and high heels, will celebrate her 30th birthday on Thursday.

“Kim is really nervous about being 30,” little sister Khloe Kardashian says.

“I’m freaking out,” Kim admits.

And after stripping naked yet again for the latest issue of W magazine, Kim says her nude days are over — for now.

“Never say never, but for now…,” she says.

Regarding a statement she made about no longer posing nude when she hit the big 3-0, Kim says: “I kind of was joking around when I said that when I’m 30, I’ll kind of be too old to do stuff like [that] so, right now I’ll stick with that answer.”

The tabloid star said she feels good about reaching the milestone.

“It’s been a great journey. I definitely feel really accomplished and I’m doing things now that I never even dreamed that I would be doing,” she says. “I feel like my 30s are gonna be great.”



  1. She wore Victoria Beckham dress collection.

  2. She is nothing but a fake plastic fat doll

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