Mischa Barton isn’t afraid of stepping out sans makeup.

Proudly showing off her bare face, the 24-year-old struggling actress was all dead in the eyes as she headed for home after watching South Afirican hip-hop band Die Antwoord at the Music Box in West Hollywood on Sunday (October 17).

Meanwhile, though he was nowhere to be seen, Mischa says her boyfriend Ali Love is a “real sweetheart.”

The former O.C. starlet has been dating the British DJ since early summer, and their relationship appears to be going from strength to strength.

Mischa loves spending time with Ali because he treats her so well, and she admits it must be hard for him to cope with her enormous fame. Luckily Ali is very laidback, so Mischa says he deals with attention from the public well, teasing that she probably wouldn’t be as understanding were she in his shoes.

“He’s amazing, such a sweetheart,” she gushed in an interview with the British edition of OK! magazine. “I really do feel for him with the paparazzi. I feel for anyone who wants to hang out with me or date me – I’m not sure that I would! Ali’s such a cool guy.”



  1. just askin' Says:

    Oh Mischa, honey–I’m sure Ali can handle the one or two photogs who still manage to earn a buck or two (literally) with shots of you…

  2. Enormous fame??? LOL. She’s hanging on by her nails to a brief career and is a has-been at 24!!

  3. she looks pretty w/o makeup

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