Christina Aguilera will grace the December cover of Redbook.

Inside the mag, the newly single singer opens up on how she is coping.

“It’s not easy,” she says, “and there have been a lot of tears and sadness.”

She adds: “It’s impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight.”

Xtina says she’s grateful to have her mom and a small group of friends giving her support. “On days when it feels impossible to even get out of bed, much less function as a mother, their support and encouragement have kept me moving forward.”

When asked about the details, infidelity buzz, and whether she and Jordan, whom she married in November 2005, had tried couples therapy to resolve their issues, Christina answers: “Out of respect for my husband, I prefer to keep the specifics private. Right now, I’m just trying to figure out how to make it through each day.”



  1. bambinoitaliano Says:

    It would be easy if she does not sit on the divorce until she has a movie coming out next month. When you whore your personal life to improve your career. That my dear means you have lost part of your soul.

  2. Could have bet money she was going to milk her “pain” for more PR. Who really cares though? This is personal shit and she needs to STFU about it. G-damn.

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