Cindy Crawford stopped off at The Grove in Los Angeles today (October 25) to chat with Extra host and new father Mario Lopez.

The 44-year-old supermodel has been a busy lady promoting her beauty line Meaningful Beauty which she has reportedly been using herself since her twenties. Among other things.

Meanwhile, Cindy says she keeps her marriage red hot by taking pole dancing classes — and her husband Rande Gerber couldn’t be happier.

“There are no steps to learn with pole-dancing and after having kids it’s great to re-tap into that sexuality and sensuality,” the brunette beauty tells the Sunday Mirror. “The class is super-dark so you wouldn’t even recognize the woman next to you if she was next to you in the supermarket.”

She also says she was aware of her age, adding: “Just because you can wear a micro-mini skirt, it doesn’t mean you should.” (Cindy also says she won’t rule out plastic surgery – but the thought of it is “scary.” Right.)

Despite being happily married for 12 years, Cindy admits her sex life goes through “dry spells” but they work hard to keep the spark in their relationship.

She explains: “If you just wait for the moment to strike, you’re going to have some dry spells. Sometimes you have to grease the wheels a little. You just need to make it a priority and say tonight is going to be the night. If you’re not in the mood, it’s easy enough to get in the mood.”


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