Pamela Anderson unveiled her new PETA ad at Covent Garden in London, England on Sunday (October 24).

The Canadian-born bombshell was in good spirits as she presented the ad which features her nearly naked body covered in paint markings to mimic a butcher’s diagram. Her flesh is labelled as “breast”, “rump” and “leg”, and the caption reads “All animals have the same parts. Have a heart – go vegetarian”.

At the event, Pam said that she believed the poster’s message was an important one.

“The biggest issue that I like to talk about is the cruelty that goes into killing animals for slaughter,” she said. “I want to talk about the flesh part of it all, so we thought this would be a great parody – the butcher ad and being in a bikini – drawing attention to it and realising that we all have the same parts.”

She added: “We’re really proud of London and how it’s such a great city. It’s a forward-thinking city and you guys are one of the most vegetarian cities in the world. There are obviously a lot of compassionate people who live here.”

Miss Anderson is giving a talk on vegetarianism at the Oxford Union on Monday, alongside PETA senior vice-president Dan Mathews.


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