Jodie Foster spent the day at a local park in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 24) with her children.

The Oscar-winning actress could be seen playing soccer with her sons Charles and Christopher “Kit” Foster who looked to have enjoyed the quality time with their mother.

Jodie appeared to be in good spirits considering that she’s being sued for allegedly attacking a teenager in a mall parking lot after the 17-year-old boy took photos of her and her children.

“We have retained an attorney to proceed with a civil suit against Jodie Foster for her assault since justice was not served by the DA’s office,” the boy’s father says. “We will proceed in civil court … our attorney is proceeding.”

The District Attorney’s Office refused to prosecute the May incident, citing a lack of evidence. The victim, who claims the actress scratched and bruised his arm trying to grab his camera, begs to differ: “Ms. Foster viciously attacked me for taking a photo, which was totally uncalled for and it scares me to think that we live in a society where it’s really okay to hit people if you’re a celebrity in Hollywood or if you are rich and famous,” the boy said.


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