Taylor Swift dropped by the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City today (October 26) to tape tonight’s installment of the Late Show With David Letterman.

The country music sensation looked casual in plaid as as she made her arrival before glamming it up for a performance from her new album, Speak Now.

Meanwhile, JetBlue announced today that Taylor will perform live at the airline’s Terminal 5 tomorrow as part of its ‘Live from T5’ concert series.

The concert will take place in the post-security Marketplace area and will only be seen by passengers who are traveling through the terminal that day. No tickets of admission will be sold to the public. The event will take place some time in the evening.

The airline calls it an “unexpected surprise” for its passengers.

“This gives our customers a free, live entertainment experience and intimate access to one of the most popular artists in the industry today,” Fiona Morrisson, director of brand management and advertising at JetBlue, said in a statement.

Previous artists in the ‘Live from T5’ series include Sarah McLachlan and the rock band Daughtry.

Following her show at JFK, Taylor will make her way onto a charter flight to Los Angeles, where she will perform a concert on board.



  1. I can’t stand this no talent just marketing twit. Have you ever heard her sing live? HORRIBLE!! She’s not much better recorded either. I think it’s in incredibly poor taste to use her personal relationships with other celebrity guys she dated (notice she doesn’t write about regular, non celeb guys?) Taylor has to use the press to sell albums because she can’t sell them on her talent alone (mmm… cause there isn’t any) And how long did she ride the Kanye West thing? Whiny little dip shit. And I would say that yes, “19 is old enough” to play the “game” since you are obviously playing it sweety.

  2. Wow, jealous, or someone pee in your cornflakes, Vivian?

    She’s talented, no doubt. My question is Why didn’t she perform on Letterman last night? Dave announced that she would, after commercial. But they had a full 5 minutes of commercials, with quick peeks back to the show, then went to Seth Meyers, no Swift performance. What happened?

  3. Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt…


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