The marital drama Last Night opened the Rome film festival this evening (October 28).

It deals with questions of temptation, betrayal and defining infidelity, and its stars Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes say there are no easy answers.

The movie is about a married couple struggling to confront temptation: For Keira’s character it’s an old, never-quite-forgotten French love; for her husband, played by Avatar star Sam Worthington, it’s a work colleague played by Eva.

Their moral struggle plays out over the course of one night they spend apart.

At a press conference, Keira says each situation is different and the movie doesn’t take a view on whether one is worse, physical infidelity or an unconsummated affair.

“I think everyone can recognize the scenarios that happen within this piece, I think that most people have at least been one person, if not all four, at some point in their life,” Knightley told reporters after a press screening. “In most films there are goodies and baddies, what I liked about this script is that it did not take a standpoint, that there is no conclusion.”


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