Jenna Jameson looked a little preoccupied as she picked up a pumpkin on Thursday (October 28) at Mr. Bones Pumpkin patch in West Hollywood.

Despite the simple task, the adult entertainment mogul appeared withrawn as she selected the most shapely pumpkins for her twins Jesse and Journey Ortiz.

So, what could be on her mind? Broadway, baby!

Jenna is poised to make an appearance as a strip club owner in the hit stage show Rock of Ages.

The former porn queen’s hopes of hitting Broadway as one of the featured performers in front of big name producers, directors, critics and financiers could be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

It is said Jenna has quite the set of musical pipes and is eager to show them off.



  1. salignary Says:

    it’s not Jenna Jameson !!!

  2. Guys, I am sorry to say, but I have asked Jenna’s personal assistant from hr official site and she confirms that this is not Jenna. This girl doesn’t have Jenna’s famous back tattoos, f you look at the back view. The clothes are very similar to what Jenna wears, but the woman is not her. 😦

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