Sarah Palin continues her big interview on Entertainment Tonight this evening with some more personal insights from the former governor of Alaska.

Here are some highlights from tonight’s chat:

On what she and husband Todd do for a date night: [In the] winter time we snow machine, [in the] summer time we’re usually out on the lake fishing,” says Palin. “Or sometimes I get him to come jogging with me or we’ll go out to the gun range and we’ll shoot targets. We’re outdoors, we’re having fun in Alaska.”

On whether Todd would be okay living in Washington, D.C. if Sarah does decide to run for president: “Yeah, Todd can handle anything.”

On whether they’ve had to overcome stumbling blocks in their marriage: “I remember when the kids were really little, when Track and Bristol, they’re seventeen months apart, they were tiny, Todd was working up on the slope … I remember (at) that point in our marriage thinking, ‘Is this the way it’s gonna be for the rest of our lives together?'”

How how it feels to be one of the most polarizing figures in America today: “That is a bit perplexing because I think, what is polarizing or extreme about believing, politically speaking, in the United States Constitution? And our Declaration of Independence, and all those things that it stands for? And what our founding mothers and fathers in this country meant for America to keep building upon? Those are the things that I believe in. What’s extreme about that? How is that polarizing? So I’m still perplexed by that, that characterization of the polarization.”



  1. Sarah Palin doesn’t get anything. Is she even relevant anymore?

  2. She’s no more polarizing than present administration…thankfully it’s half over.

  3. lola lola Says:

    This woman’s 15 minutes are way up. Time to dry up and blow away…

  4. I always lol at people like viv who like this peabrain! 😀

  5. what a reckless train she is! Only MORONS can find her relevant!

    What a shameful spectacle of self absorption!

  6. “She’s no more polarizing than present administration…thankfully it’s half over.”

    Actually, her favorability rating is at 37%. No one in office is that hated, thankfully, Sarah the reality TV star isn’t in office nor ever will be again.

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