Is Kim Kardashian fishing around for a new athlete boyfriend?

That appeared to be the case as the fur-loving tabloid star hit up the the Miami Heat vs NJ Nets basketball game at Prudential Center in Newark City, NJ on Sunday (October 31).

Kim’s style statement at the game, while Halloween appropriate, couldn’t have gone down well with the folks at PETA. She wore black skinny jeans, black turtle neck sweater, and black high boots. She had a fur scarf with feather detail wrapped around her neck; the scarf extended down along her left arm as a sleeve.

Kim, a sudden fur fan, was seen wearing fur earlier in the week while cruising the Hudson River in the Big Apple.

On her way to the game, Kim tweeted: “Heading to the New Jersey Nets- Miami Heat game! This should be fun!”

After she sat down by coutside, the 30-year-old reality star was greeted by a furry werewolf — the New Jersey Nets mascot!

Kim was seated between friend Jonathan Cheban, who features on a reality TV show produced by her, and a girlfriend.

Lebron James came by for a quick greeting.

During the game, a staffer assigned to throw towels into the crowed handed one to Kim, who tossed it towards a young fan sitting near her.

Later in the evening Kim shared on Twitter the Halloween dresses that she would choose from – a leopard and a pirate – for the evening.



  1. kim Kardashian is trash!

  2. Proof she’s so fucking ugly up close. And far away. And a fur hag. WTF? Isn’t her sister pro-PETA?

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