Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole paid a visit to the Adam Saaks store on Melrose in Los Angeles today (November 2).

Jayde, who is most famous for dating Brody Jenner, could be seen trying on various t-shirts and jumpsuits uniquely cut by the fashion designer.

Saaks is known for cutting and ripping t-shirts in into one-of-a-kind skanky creations.

Jayde is celebrating her freedom after splitting with boyfriend Jesse Waits (brother of Paris Hilton’s new beau Cy Waits) last week.

A source is quoted as saying: “Jayde is doing great, she’s ready to move on.”



  1. Did her and Jesse Waits split up? I thought she tweeted they were still together.

    Either way, Jayde looks GREAT.

  2. Yeah, they broke up. Once a cheater, always a cheater! Plus, Jayde couldn’t handle the long distance and Jesse works so much. Hopefully he learns that there are more important things than money and lots of women!

    Way to go Jayde…you are looking awesome!

  3. Wow single again. This girl couldnt hold onto a man if her life depended on it… once a bitch always a bitch, clearly Jesse finally saw the true jayde.. I wonder what rich guy she will pray on next.

  4. WOW single agian… surprise surprise. This girl couldn’t keep a man if her life depended on it. Once a bitch always a bitch. Clearly Jesse finally saw the real jayde too. I wonder which rich guy she will pray on next..

  5. […] us green with envy (and take a look here for more photos of Jayde at […]

  6. Oh PUHLEEEEEZE Jayde. We all know you and Jesse broke up and you realized you are screwed without him and his cash/connections. Don’t even act like “he is the love of your life”. You stupid gurl!!!!!!!!

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