Hilary Duff was among the attendeesat the 10th anniversary Lucky Shops VIP Night at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City today (November 4).

At the star-studded event, the singer/actress donned an one-shouldered mini dress, nude pumps and a strange windswept hairdo.

Folloing her hosting gig, Hilary tweeted: “Alright flying to airport! catching the redeye back to la to see my man! Of course when I have to be in NYC he has one day in LA! Lordy!”

Meanwhile, Hilary says it was exciting to ditch her clean image and play the character of a mean girl in today’s episode of Community. She plays Meghan – a female who bullies characters on the NBC series.

Hilary tells Us Weekly: “I haven’t really done anything where I got to be a b*tch before. It wasn’t that I had to do so much preparation, everyone’s had someone be mean to them before – but it was just exciting to play something different.”

Although the 23-year-old’s character Meghan does meet her match in the character, Abed, played by Danny Pudi.

The newlywed adds: “[Meghan acts] super confident but is totally, you know, shallow and scared inside. I have this big scene where I walk into the school cafeteria and call [Danny] out and everybody hears and he ends up really embarrassing me and I leave – he comes up with the greatest insults.”

If a series regular role should come along, Hilary says that hubby Mike Comrie is supportitve of her and understands that her career is important to her.

“The one thing that’s nice about TV is that you have three weeks on, one week off most of the time. So I actually think it would work because we’re used to going two to three weeks without seeing each other. But, I would only do it if it was something that I was really committed to.”


  1. Is she outta her fucking mind! LMAO!

    Where’d she go? Katherine Hegel’s master hair stylist?

    • no I think it was the air. the hairspray+ rain in nyc. what hair stylist would intentionally do this?

      love her legs/body. I can overlook.

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