It’s valet parking all the way for The Town star Ben Affleck as he paid a visit to a favourite celebrity hangout and Japanese restaurant Katsuya in Brentwood, CA on Friday (November 5).

Of course on his salary and that of gorgeous wife Jennifer Garner he can easily afford it!

Meanwhile, Ben has received the praise of a casino owner for his honesty after he returned a paycheque which had been issued twice by mistake.

Ben reportedly returned a $250,000 payment to the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, after realizing that he had been paid twice for a personal appearance.

Casino owner Jim Justice thanked Ben, saying: “We mistakenly paid him twice. Fortunately, he called us or we never would have caught it. Obviously, we’ve got a few teething problems in our accounts department that we just need to clean up. We’re just grateful that Ben Affleck caught the mistake and told us about it. He’s a very honourable man.”


  1. It looks like Ben is back home. Hopefully he’s spending a lot of time with Jen and the girls.

  2. Sorry Sarah the only reason why Ben is home is for interviews and the screening of The Company Men at AFI, otherwise he would have stayed in Oklahoma, shooting does not wrap on that till the week of Thanksgiving because Rachel Mcadams just started filming her part. Ben is not a family man he is a workaholic and only sees his wife and kids when it’s convenient for him, he does very well living on his own, being with Jen and his kids is just something he feels obligated to do but he would rather be doing something else or somebody else.

  3. Oh Jane you know everything there is to know about Ben Affleck don’t you! Are you a fan or arent you? Seems like you know more about his professional itinerary than his agent probably knows, and yet you seem to be putting him down as a workaholic! And of course you “know” he isonly is with his wife and kids because he feels “obligated”! What bunk! You are on one hand the biggest Affleck fan-stalker or on the other completely unhinged (or maybe they are both the same thing!)

  4. Lou…. I vote unhinged.

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