Their busy schedules keep them apart for a majority of the time, but Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner remain dedicated to their kids.

While Jennifer and youngest daughter Seraphina enjoyed an afternoon with ponies, Ben did daddy duty in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday (November 6) where the scruffy actor picked up Violet from school.

Ben is back in LA after spending the week in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where he’s filming The Burial alongside Rachel Weisz, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams. The Terrence Malick-directed and written flick is slated for release in 2012 and is being sold as a “powerful and moving love story.”

8 Responses to “BEN AFFLECK: PICK UP PAPA”

  1. Aw! Violet looks SO happy to have her Daddy back. 🙂 I’m glad Ben’s home.

  2. Ben is so out of touch with his kids and reality, dumbass was trying to drop off his kid at school on a Saturday, he must have felt like a complete idiot when he realized it was Saturday so he couldn’t pawn off his kid on someone else, poor guy was stuck with actually spending time with his daughter. I know your career is back in full swing now but to many of us you will always be Bennifer and a bad actor thats made a lot of shitty movies.

    • You are the dumbass for writing ignorant crap like that. How the hell do you (or this blog) know what they were actually doing there? It is a church and she could have been attending church with her dad like a lot of people do on Saturdays. You sound so bitter Jane. Let me guess: you are a Vartan ho from Alias days. Nobody is more bitter than the Vartan fans because of his non-existant career once tJJ kicked him off Alias.

  3. just askin' Says:

    Sweet baby Jesus–WHY do we have to look at this family SO FUCKING OFTEN on this site?

    Newsflash, Arasto–Ben Affleck carrying his kid somewhere is NOT NEWS. Jennifer Garner pushing a stroller is NOT NEWS. Violet Affleck being dropped off at school is NOT NEWS. How much do you get paid to feature these people? It’s like you’ve become their own personal PR blog.

  4. Well, idiot, don’t stop to comment and if the blog notices nobody is commenting, they might stop featuring the Afflecks. Its a function of hits = money and Ben, Jen and the kids obviously make money for them.

  5. just askin' Says:

    “if the blog notices nobody is commenting…”

    Really, Lou? Blogs notice things? I thought they were inanimate objects.
    But I’m sure you must know better, because the contents of your comments speak to a truly superior intellect. Really. And I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass when I write that.


    Listen up, you dumb motherfucker: the author of this blog is a guy named Arasto. The blog doesn’t notice things, Arasto does. But apparently Arasto doesn’t notice everything, because he doesn’t notice that people are bored with all the non-news about the Afflecks.

    And here’s another clue for you, Lou, since you’re in desperate need of them: readers who are bored with a blog’s content make LESS money for a blog author, because there is less site traffic, fewer clicks, fewer comments, and more readers leaving, damaging any form of sponsorship the blog has. So comments denigrating the constant assault of Affleck non-news does NOT make more money for Arasto.

    Take your clearly erroneous notions and shove them up straight up your ass. When you’ve got something substantive, clever, or informative to add, feel free to do so Otherwise shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about and crawl back under your rock. Asswipe.

  6. just askin' Says:

    Lou, your intellectual capacity is stunning. I couldn’t be more impressed.

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