An emotional Katherine Jackson made an appearance on Oprah today (November 8 ) to talk about her son Michael Jackson.

“Sometimes during the day I can hear his laughter in my mind,” the greiving mom said during her sad interview with the talk show host. “I think of my son all through the day, all the time. I don’t like to talk about him because I get all choked up.” She wiped tears away.

Later in the interview, she said, “It hurts. It really hurts.” However, when Oprah asked if it was always sad to think of MJ, his mom said, “I think about him with a smile sometimes. I have a lot of good memories. That’s one thing they can’t take away from me.”

Her fellings on June 25 — the day Michael died: “The worst day of my life.” Ms. Jackson had been out doing “field service,” going door-to-door as a Jehovah’s Witness. When she learned that he was “in the hospital and laterdied, the children “were crying. I thought Paris was going to pass out. … I felt so bad. … It was so sad.”

She added: “You know what broke my heart more than anything else in this world? When the people in the hospital told us, you can leave now. And Paris said, ‘Grandma, where are we going?'”

In the final segment of the broadcast, Michael’s children, Blanket, Prince and Paris, joined the conversation in the backyard. Paris said she wants “to be an actress” and Prince said he wants to “produce and direct.” While Blanket remained home-schooled, Paris and Prince go to school outside the house.

Oprah asked the kids about Michael taking them out with veils over their faces. Paris said, “It wasn’t always comfortable,” but she said, “I appreciated it.”

Paris’ favourite memory of Michael was “one time we went on the roof in Las Vegas of our house and we saw all the city lights and we were eating Snickers. Sometimes he would take me to an art museum, because we both loved art. We would play tag. He got us Kenya (the dog) four years ago.” And, she added, “He was the best cook ever. … He made the best French toast in the world. He was the best dad ever.”

A few more highlights from the emotional interview:

Katherine on Michael’s many plastic surgeries on his nose: “It was too small, like a toothpick. I hear people get addicted to plastic surgery and I think that’s what happened to him. I had told him that’s enough.” But he didn’t listen. She visited his plastic surgeon, she said, to ask him to stop.

Katherine on speaking with Lisa Marie Presley over the phone after she had married Michael: “It didn’t sound like her. She sounded like a black girl.”

Katherine on drugs: “I spoke to him about them once when I had heard (he was addicted) and he denied it. I was telling him I didn’t want to hear one day he had overdosed because it would break my heart, kill me, too.”

Katherine on Joe Jackson: “We’re not divorced.” Joe added: “We don’t fight.”

Katherine on beating the kids: “He used a strap.” Joe added that he did it to “keep ’em out of jail.” And remains to this day unregretful.


  1. Good for them, and i know shes hurting and i wish her and her family the best! RIP MICHAEL JACKSON!!

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