The awards, accolades and honors keep pouring in for Betty White.

Fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams, the 88-year-old actress was made an honorary ranger by the U.S. Forest Service at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC today (November 9).

Betty was presented with a badge and a ranger’s Stetson hat, which she promptly put on during a ceremony at the Kennedy Center.

When Smokey Bear arrived mid-ceremony, the Golden Girls star gave him a big bear hug and later asked if she could take him with her. She settled for a toy Smokey with its own small hat.

Betty has said that as a young girl she wanted to be a forest ranger, but women weren’t allowed to have the job.

“Wilderness is harder and harder to find these days on this beautiful planet, and we’re abusing our planet to the point of almost no return,” she said at the ceremony. “In my heart I’ve been a forest ranger all my life, but now I’m official.”


  1. I love her devotion to animals and the environment. Betty White rocks!

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