Along with all his Real Madrid teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo received a new car from team sponsor Audi in Madrid, Spain yesterday (November 8).

Looks like the team performed well enough and deserved such gifts and Christiano’s Audi was an attractive and stylish cobalt blue RS5.

Such a corporate gesture is not unprecedented. On the contrary: every year, Audi offers, as sponsor of Real Madrid, high-end cars to the players and coaching staff of the team. This year was no exception.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has more reason to celebrate than just a fancy new car — he accepted substantial libel damages over a claim that he put his injured ankle at risk by “living it up” in a nightclub.

The Real Madrid player said a report in the Daily Telegraph had caused him distress and embarrassment.

The article related to a visit to a Hollywood club that 25-year-old Ronaldo made in July 2008 when he was with Manchester United.

It claimed the player was served champagne and put down his crutches so he could dance with four models.

The statement settling the case was read out at the High Court in London on the day that a five-day trial was due to start.

In a statement, the Telegraph writes: “We would like to apologize to Cristiano for the embarrassment and offence our report caused to him as a professional who takes his health, fitness and recovery from injury seriously and are happy to set the record straight.”

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