Ryan Gosling made sure to keep his recent immunization shots warm as he walked to a friend’s car after leaving the Traveler’s Immunization Center in Studio City, CA today (November 9).

Ryan must be getting ready to leave the country for a possible new film or just personal. Where to, Ryan, and what for?

Meanwhile, Ryan say he is so proud of his new romantic drama Blue Valentine co-starring Michelle Williams.

While at the AFI fest in Los Angeles last night, Ryan said: “I’m more proud of this movie than any film that I’ve made.”

The flick follows a couple, Dean and Cindy, who are trying to save their marriage. One night they are reminded of all the memories of their relationship, from their past dating to the present day.

Ryan added: “She worked on her character for six years, I worked on mine for four. We felt like horses banging against the boards, you know? As soon as they said ‘action’, we were off. I couldn’t have done it without her. Everything that I did was a reaction to something that she was doing, and she really raised the bar for me in a big way.”

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