Never one to shy away from a corporate gig, Katy Perry performed during the Windows Phone 7 launch party at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Monday night (November 8).

Dressed in a purple cupcake mini dress and matching sparkly flats, the pop star was on hand to sing her hits as Microsoft celebrated the release of its latest phone software to US markets.

On Wednesday, the highly paid gigs will continue as Katy and Akon are set to perform at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Meanwhile, Katy has hinted that she might be a judge on X Factor in a recent interview with Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

The Firework singer was a guest judge this past summer on the British version of the popular reality show, at the time joking she’s “just waiting for the call from Simon” about becoming a full-time judge, referring to X Factor executive producer Simon Cowell. But now she is keeping fans guessing about the reports linking her to the judging role on the American version of the show.

In the new issue of Cosmo, Katy speaks about the rumours of her being a full-time judge for the US version of the reality show, which Simon will launch in 2011. “I saw something about that and I think Simon is flirting with me through the press,” she jokes. “I know a lot of it is rumours. But sometimes rumours turn into reality!”


  1. are those plastic dresses the only thing katy owns?

    if they don’t have cupcakes, they have ice cream cones of candy floss. nice wardrobe.

    oh and while she’s still uber young, it might be time to put the bonbons down. those dresses are not fitting so flatteringly anymore.

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