She can usually be found promoting her own entrepreneurial endeavors, but last night (November 8 ) Kim Kardashian played the role of cheerleader.

Dressed in yet another skin-tight mini dress, the 30-year-old tabloid star attended the release of Amidren by Scott Disick at The Chelsea Room in New York City.

Amidren is a once daily formula to combat Andropause, which is a name that has been given to a menopause-like condition in aging men.

Meanwhile, in her undying greed for cash, Kim is set to launch her own credit card in a bid to teach teens how to “spend sensibly.”

The wealthy former sex tape star has lent her name to the Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard, which will let parents give their kids a small amount of credit so they can keep an eye on their finances.

A representative for Mobile Resource, which is launching the card, says, “Teens do not spend their money as their parents think they do. And, drugs are a huge problem in this country. I give my son a small amount of cash and track his spending on his card.”

Kim will launch the card at a party at Pacha nightspot in New York on Tuesday night.


  1. ok Kim , dont you think its time to stop turning your fake butt to the camera… and Russell Simmons had this first.. please sit down somewhere!

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