Tara Reid hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth.

The celebrity train wreck didn’t disappoint as she let it all hang out while attending the one year anniversary party for the VIP Room in St. Barths, France on Tuesday (November 9).

For what it’s worth, Tara was looking healthier last night in comparison to her recent skinny, pale appearance.

With a history of addiction and rehab, the 34-year-old actress has openly admitted to her problems in the past.

In December last year, she spent 60 days at Promises rehab clinic in Malibu, California, known for its celebrity clients.

Also her weight has been a worrying problem, with her figure often teetering on the scary skinny side.
But earlier this year Tara claimed she was healthy and back on track.

She told In Touch Weekly: “Rehab saved my life. Before, I used to think about tomorrow and I hated it. Now I can’t wait. The hardest thing was walking through the door for the first time [and] finally admitting that I had a problem. My focus is to get back in my career and stay sober, and keep on having a better life one day at a time.”

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