Dressed like the little princess that she is, Taylor Swift took the stage to sing Back to December during the 44th annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN this evening (November 10).

Following her performance of the song that is thought to be about Taylor Lautner, Miss Swift was seen mouthing the word, “What?” It was reminiscent of Faith Hill’s similar reaction in 2006 when she lost in the Best Female category to Carrie Underwood.

But in this case, the official word from backstage is that Taylor was just acting all humble and responding to the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to her performance.


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  2. For a wack ass performance like that, I’d be mouthing what too, what in the hell were they thinking to let her perform.

  3. um she was awesome

  4. I hate how she acts all surprised by reactions. She is playing a role now. So contrived.

  5. She is nothing without Kanye!

  6. No No No…I don’t believe that she was reacting to the audience for a second. She was CLEARLY reacting to the fact that they were lowering the curtain way too soon as she was surely expecting the usual standing O and wasn’t given her “due” time in the spotlight! Get over yourself Taylor. You’re really good, but….”WHAT?”

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