Following much hype and fanfare, Gwyneth Paltrow made her singing debut on the 44th annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN this evening (November 10).

Despite a few pitchy notes and a limiting range, the Oscar-winning actress got a standing ovation from the Nashville audience for her redition of her new flick Country Strong‘s lead track.

Gwynnie was joined by country star Vince Gill as she strummed a guitar and belted it out doing her best to hold her own.

Our thoughts on Paltrow’s performance? Hit or miss?


  1. I didn’t hear any pitchy notes. I thought she did a great job. She was way more on key than Taylor Swift.

  2. I actually liked it, and I’m not even fond of the song. She has a nice voice and performed well, although albeit looking very nervous. Obviously, this doesn’t come natural to her (Duets anyone? She was stiff in that too).

  3. D is for Darlene Says:

    She was flat. And she didn’t deserve the air time. This was basically a commercial.

    • Are you kidding me? She wasn’t flat. especially considering it’s a live performance, in a large venue. And at the very least, not over produced studio syrup these other girls put out (Madonna, Jessica Simpson and Britney.

  4. She did well. I liked the performance and the song. There was a movie about 7 years ago or so, and she sang there too (dont remember the name of the movie). She has a nice voice, and she is really talented.

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