Lindsay Lohan continued to explore Rancho Mirage, CA on Thursday (November 11) with the consent of the Betty Ford Clinic where she is currently undergoing rehab.

During her outing, the recovering starlet got a visit from a new circle of friends as she enjoyed the afternoon under the sun.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is set to make a professional comeback next week with a photo shoot in the Palm Spring area for a leading magazine.

The planned photo shoot next week will allow Lindsay to earn while continuing to be under the supervision of her counselors at the clinic.

There have been reports earlier that Lindsay currently doesn’t have enough money to pay for her rehab.

On a different note, sources say that doctors at the clinic have been encouraging Lindsay to spend time with both her parents together next month.

Lindsay and Dina have long been estranged from Michael and frequently spar using the press.

Doctors believe that by sitting together with her estranged parents Lindsay maybe able to resolve some of the conflicts that could have led to her drug abuse.


  1. How do the paps know where Lindsay will be. Shame on her family, nothing has changed keep her away from the public gaze during this vulnerable and important time in her life

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